St Paul's School

Designed by E. H. Harris, and built as a memorial to Garden City founder, Alexander.T. Stewart by his wife Cornelia, the Gothic Revival St. Paul’s School has been the subject of much community strife since it was purchased by the village in 1993. Vacant ever since, several redevelopment proposals have emerged over the years, but Village Trustees have failed to take a solid leadership role in developing a community approved reuse plan. Now seeking demolition, the village is currently preparing an EIS (Environmental Impact Study as per the SEQRA process) to establish that no alternatives can be found. St. Paul’s School is one of the most substantial historic buildings on Long Island and it is now one of the most threatened.

• Building no longer heated as of 2011.
• Through referendums, village residents accepted Environmental Impact Study for building demolition but rejected $6 Million allocation to demolish.
• Building remains in limbo.
• As of 2014: 1969 Ellis Hall addition is being demolished, still no plan for reuse.