The Helen Prybil Bogheid Estate

Bogheid is a little known Delano and Aldrich commission built in 1938 for Helen Porter Prybil in the French Manorial style. The property is located on a privately-owned six-acre parcel within the Glen Cove Municipal Golf Course in an area where other estate houses have been reused for institutional purposes. Currently vacant, the property is threatened by advanced neglect and no known plans for rehabilitation. There appears to be no local interest in this building and it is not protected by landmark designation.

• No change in status to date.
• Threatened by continued deterioration, trespassing and vandalism.

• Little known Delano & Aldrich design; No landmark status; No local supporters; vacant; privately owned and located on 6 acres within a public golf course; Nominated by individual.
• Threatened by long term deterioration.
• 2013 Stop work order placed on property for illegal dumping of fill by owner.