Spring 2015 Preservation Workshops

Selling “This Old House:” How to Market Historic HomesTuesday, March 10, 10-11 am; $25 members, $30 non-members

What makes a house historic and how can realtors market it? Long Island’s built environment boasts many types of historic architectural styles. Being able to distinguish between a Greek Revival farmhouse and a Carpenter Gothic cottage can go a long way in marketing homes to the right buyer. Geared towards real estate professionals, this program is open to anyone interested in honing their skills in identifying the architectural styles and design elements that distinguish old houses.

About our speaker: Kevin Wolfe is trained as an architect and landscape architect with over 25 years of experience specializing in new design for historic buildings and gardens, frequently working in designated historic districts. He serves as an adviser to the Historic Districts Council of New York City and teaches Historic Preservation in the Masters program at The Pratt Institute.

Making the Case and Getting the Grant
Thursday, March 19, 2-5 pm; $50 members, $60 non-members

Is your organization looking to expand but needs help to plan? This workshop introduces fundraising solutions specifically geared to the many issues facing historical societies, historic houses, or grassroots non-profits. Topics covered will include telling the project’s “story” and making the case and case statements, demonstrating project impact, prospect research, and grant writing tips.

About our speaker: Susan Mathisen has worked for more than 25 years in the field of art conservation in the United States and Europe and as a fundraiser for museums, universities, and other historical agencies. She has extensive experience writing proposals and administering grants and gifts, with a strong focus in raising funds from foundations and government agencies.

How to Grow Your Organization Through Social Media
Thursday, March 26, 6-7 pm; $25 members, $30 non-members

Does managing social media platforms feel more like a chore than it’s worth for your local historical society or grassroots advocacy group? Discover how to launch or enhance a social media presence for your organization that is both manageable and exciting in the digital age. This workshop will offer practical strategies to increase audience engagement, boost the number of page likes, and drive traffic to social media profiles and websites.

About our speakers: Elizabeth Finkelstein and Cristiana Pena are the founders of CIRCA, an online, curated historic house marketplace that showcases old houses for sale across the country. Since launching CIRCA in the fall of 2013, it has attracted nearly 18,000 Facebook followers that help drive 650,000 website views per month. Elizabeth and Cristiana are both trained preservationists with experience in advocacy and non-profits in New York City.

Interested in all three programs?
Sign up for the full series at a discount: $75 members; $95 non-members

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