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Title: Gardens of Eden: Long Island’s Early Twentieth Century Planned Communities
Edited by: Robert B. MacKay
Price: $65.00

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Title: Long Island Modernism: 1930-1980
Author: Caroline Rob Zaleski
Price: $80.00

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Title: Long Island Landscapes and the Women Who Designed Them
Author: Cynthia Zaitzevsky
Price: $75.00

Title: Long Island Country Houses and Their Architects, 1860-1940
Edited by: Robert B. MacKay, Anthony K. Baker & Carol A. Traynor
Price: $68.00
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Title: Useful Art: Long Island Pottery
Author: Cynthia Arps Corbett
Price: $16.95

Title: Long Island Is My Nation: The Decorative Arts & Craftsmen, 1640-1830
Author: Dean F. Failey
Reduced Price: $29.95
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Title: Anchor to Windward: The Paintings and Diaries of Annie Cooper Boyd, 1880-1935
Edited by: Carolyn Oldenbusch
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Title: Discovering the African American Experience, 1620-1860
Author: Dr.Grania B. Marcus
Price: $12.95
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Title: Woven History: The Technology and Innovations of Long Island Coverlets, 1800-
Author: Susan Rabbit Goody
Price: $14.95
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Title: Long Island Domestic Architecture of the Colonial & Federal Periods: An Introductory Study
Author: Barbara Ferris Van Liew
Price: $3.00
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Title: Edward Lange’s Long Island
Authors: Dean F. Failey and Zachary N. Studenroth
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Title: Edward Lange Revisited
Author: Alison Cornish
Price: $3.50
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Title: Fanny Palmer: A Long Island Woman Who Portrayed America
Authors: Carolyn Oldenbush and Charlotte Streifer Rubinstein
Price: $3.50
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Title: A History of the Joseph Lloyd Manor House
Authors: Kenneth Scott and Susan E. Klaffky
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Title: AIA Architectural Guide to Nassau and Suffolk Counties Long Island
Authors: American Institute of Architects, Long Island Chapter
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Title: Today’s Children in Yesterday’s Houses
Author: Wendy Aibel-Weiss
Price: $5.00
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Title: Harbor Hill: Portrait of a House
Author: Richard Guy Wilson
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