Endangered Historic Places 2010

SPLIA’s list for 2010 includes: The Helen Prybil Estate, Bogheid; The Booker T. Washington House; The Canoe Place Inn; St. Paul’s School; Sayre Barn

  • The Canoe Place Inn

    The Canoe Place Inn

    Marking the site of Native American portage and an important colonial era inn, the current building, designed by William L. Bottomley replaces the original that burned in 1921. A busy […]

  • The Booker T. Washington House

    The Booker T. Washington House

    Booker T. Washington’s Long Island summer home from 1911 until his death in 1914, this house has been unoccupied since the 1990s and is located in coastal erosion hazard zone. […]

  • The Helen Prybil Estate, Bogheid

    The Helen Prybil Estate, Bogheid

    Bogheid is a little known Delano and Aldrich commission built in 1938 for Helen Porter Prybil in the French Manorial style. The property is located on a privately-owned six-acre parcel within the […]

  • Sayre Barn

    Sayre Barn

    Directly connected to the Revolutionary War conflict and associated with the loss of the 1648 Sayre family homestead that catalyzed Southampton Village’s preservation movement, the Sayre Barn was saved and […]

  • St. Paul’s School

    St. Paul’s School

    St. Paul’s School is one of the most substantial historic buildings on Long Island, and now it’s one of the most threatened. Designed by Edward H. Harris and built as […]