Sherwood-Jayne Farm

As a complex, the Sherwood-Jayne Farm, landscape, and accessory structures represent a continuum of architectural design, construction, and rural site planning that stretches over two centuries. Originally built circa 1730 as a classic Long Island lean-to salt box dwelling, the house and agricultural setting were maintained as an operational farmstead for over 150 years by members of the Jayne family. In 1908, the property was acquired by SPLIA founder Howard C. Sherwood to showcase his lifetime interest in collecting, studying and “living with antiques.” “Restored” by Joseph Everett Chandler of Boston, one of the leading Restoration/Colonial-Revival architects of the time, the house contains period furniture and objects, and features original Jayne-era hand-painted floral wall frescoes that mimic wallpaper in the east parlor. Located in a bucolic setting, the house maintains its nineteenth century agrarian context with hayfields, meadows, woodlot orchard, and sheep grazing in the adjoining pasture.

June through October
First Saturday of the month, 12PM – 3PM and by appointment: 631-692-4664
Adults $5
Children (7-14) $3

Sherwood-Jayne Farm Nature Trail
Click here for a PDF of the Sherwood-Jayne Nature Trails Map.

Hikers, joggers, bird watchers, nature lovers and families are invited to enjoy our trail along a glacial moraine which features local wildlife including red tailed hawks, red fox, flying squirrels, eastern box turtles, great horned owls, gray catbirds and downey woodpeckers.

The three mile trail is open during daylight hours.

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