About Us

The Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities (SPLIA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to understanding, celebrating, and preserving Long Island’s cultural heritage.

Founded in 1948 by Howard Sherwood, SPLIA was established in response to the intense development pressure that radically changed the Long Island landscape after World War II. The Society began its work with a mission to preserve specific historic structures and artifacts through the creation of house museums. Expanding its scope over the last five decades, SPLIA has become the regional advocate for historic preservation on Long Island, working to broadly raise awareness, appreciation, and support for the protection of a shared past.

Today, SPLIA approaches its mission in a variety of ways including: publication and the creation of exhibits; interpreting historic sites; collecting objects and images that pertain to Long Island history and decorative arts; developing innovative educational programs for students; and holding a number of events like Apple Festivals, Country House Lectures, and workshops. In addition, the Society provides direct support and technical assistance to individuals and groups engaged in local preservation advocacy efforts.

Acquired in 1996, the building has been adapted for multiple uses, with the lower level providing office space and the former sanctuary serving as a flexible space for exhibitions, public programs, and meetings.

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