On Site Education

Joseph Lloyd Manor

My Community Long Ago
Grade 1

  • Students experience how people, especially children, lived long ago on Long Island with hands-on activities.
  • Cross-curriculum activities include maps, storytelling, reading and an art project.
  • Students role-play, going back in time with games, food & clothing.

Colonial Childhood
Grade 4

  • Experience the social life, school and everyday chores of children growing up around the time of the American Revolution.
  • Hands-on activities include a house hunt and clay craft.
  • Play colonial games and discover how colonial children were expected to dress.

Colonial Craftsmen Program
Grade 4

  • Discover artifacts made by colonial potters, carpenters, coppers, and blacksmiths through biographies and their original handiwork.
  • Students will recreate a clay inkwell from the colonial period.
  • Examine the objects needed for everyday life in the 18th century by taking a self-guided tour of Lloyd Manor.

Slavery Program
Grades 5, 7, and 11

  • Explore the African-American experience in New York and Long Island by visiting the home of former slave-owners.
  • Students will role play as the former slaves and owners of Lloyd Manor.
  • Meet the first published African-American poet, Jupiter Hammon, through a video reenactment and his writings.

Sherwood-Jayne Farm

Tree Study
Grades K-5

  • Students will learn tree identification techniques.
  • Incorporate language arts and sensory awareness activities.
  • Use math skills to measure / estimate height & width of tree.
  • Learn life cycle of trees.

Bird Program
Grades K-6

  • Students will learn about and identify the local birds that visit the farm through observations and interactive games.

Soil Studies
Grades 4-6

  • Students will examine soil to gain understanding of how soil affects the diversity of plants.
  • Hands-on activities can include augers, soil sifting and percolation.

Speed of Seeds
Grades 4-6

  • Through hands-on activities students will learn where seeds come from and how they travel.
  • Students will learn the life cycle of plants and then take home their own native plant.

Insects and Spiders
Grades K-6

  • Students will learn why insects and spiders are an important part of nature.
  • Through hands-on activities students will explore the farm and catch insects with nets, bug boxes and use hand lenses to see their differences.

Custom Programs
Grades Pre-K-12

Given the unique property of the Sherwood-Jayne farm and the historical farm house, programs can be created to meet the needs of your curriculum. There are fields, woodland trails, and the glacial features.

Custom House

Sag Harbor & the New Nation
Grades 4-5; 7-8

  • Analyze original objects as information sources.
  • Explore the first law passed in the United States… tax levies which would be collected at the Federal Port of Entry in Sag Harbor.
  • House hunt the Dering home and discover objects from their international sea trade.
  • Primary documents from the Dering family allow students to examine history from the American Revolution to the Gold Rush.

General Information: 
All programs meet New York State English Language Arts Standard 1 and Social Studies Standard 1. Pre and post-visit materials are included. Cost for field trips is $7 per student with a $50 minimum per program.

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